What Makes Chinese Food Popular in Australia?

Chinese food is so prevalent in Australia that it is considered the most favorite cuisine. According to research conducted by Roy Morgan in 2015, Chinese food marked its fourth year as the most favorite cuisine followed by Italian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese and Greek. Least popular cuisines include “other” Asian foods like Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Korean. Only a few prefer Lebanese food, and the last place went to French.

Chinese food was the favorite for all generations, which is not surprising. When you think about it, Chinese food has been part of the country’s culinary tradition because of the Gold Rush – when Chinese immigrants established cookhouses in the gold fields. From dim sum to dumplings, rice, and noodles, there is plenty of Chinese food out there but what makes it so popular in Australia?

To understand, you have to know the distinct characteristics of Chinese food. Chinese food has three distinct characteristics that are appealing to all. Here are its characteristics:
Diversified colors

You have to understand the psychology of food colors – the more diversified the colors, the more it arouses the appetite of the people. Chinese foods boast of diversified colors that guarantee stimulation. For many years, Chinese food preparation paid attention to its aesthetic appearance.

The central principle of Chinese cooking is to produce a bright, pleasing and harmoniums color. To achieve this, you will notice that Chinese add two or more ingredients with different colors. When it comes to decoration, they will also add color to complement the main ingredient. 
Aromatic flavors

Aside from the aesthetic value, people will rely on the aroma. For many, an aromatic dish usually means fine taste. Chinese put different seeds for the dish to smell good. Seeds include aniseed and prickly ash seeds. Aside from the seeds, Chinese also put cinnamon, spices, shallot, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, and sesame oil to add aroma. The aroma is essential not only to attract people but also to dispel foul smells from fish and meat.
Distinct tastes

Chinese consider taste as the soul of the food. You will know it is Chinese because of the five classes of flavor featured in their cooking – sour, sweet, bitter, salty and hot. The famous seasonings include soya sauce, vinegar, sugar, and salt. In China, people have different tastes depending on what region they come from. For example, in the southern part, they like to add more sugar when cooking. In the northern part, they like salty food. On the east side, they prefer spicy or chili foods, and finally, the west side loves sour flavored food.

When there is a celebration, a banquet will be held. In a banquet, 10 to 12 people usually sit around the table to enjoy the bountiful feast. There will be hot and cold dishes having different tastes and flavors cooked in different ways. This is to ensure that all guests have their exceptional  food.
There are many Chinese restaurants in Australia. Some have established a system that utilizes online ordering or sun wah mordialloc takeaway menu. Whatever Chinese restaurant you choose, ensure that it lives up to your expectations now that you know the distinct characteristics of Chinese food.