Top 5 things to See and Places to Visit in MiamiTravel 

Top 5 things to See and Places to Visit in Miami

Miami is one of the places to spend your vacation. It is liked by people because of its clear skies and the warm, inviting climate. Miami has various kinds of tourist attractions which make the tourists love the beach. Below are top 5 things to see and places to visit when you are on vacation in Miami. However, remember you will need car rental in Miami services to move around.

1. Venetian pool

This is one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world though during hot days it is very crowded. It has a café that sells quick bites like pizza, ice cream and hot dogs where they sell at favorable prices. The pool is open to the public for a whole week but the best time to visit the pool is when the area is not filled with toddlers. Weekends are not the best times to visit the pool because of overcrowding. The pool is best for kids but those under three years are not allowed because of safety issues.

2. The Seaquarium

This is one of the first marine life parks in America and is said to be the biggest attraction of marine wildlife worldwide. The park has a total of thirty-eight acres where it offers animal shows, everyday presentations and offers some educative ideas to children. You can see marine creatures like the turtles; see lions, manatees, and dolphins. Therefore visiting the Seaquarium with all members of your family will offer many experiences right from watching dolphins.

3. South Beach

One of the best places you don’t want to miss on your tour to Miami perhaps it’s the South beach. This beach is among the popular beaches in Miami. The beach has white and sandy shores which attract many people. The sandy shores have made the city popular and tourists are always willing to visit the beach.

The beach also has restaurants and boutiques that line along the beach, and people are always willing to buy from them despite their high prices. If you get a chance to visit the beach, always remember to carry a beach towel and a sunscreen.

4. Lincoln Road Mall

This is one of the most popular pedestrian streets and offers some outdoor shopping areas in Miami Beach. You will find everything you need along the road like bars, retail shops, and restaurants. Along this road, you will find people jammed in shops trying to look for best iPads, iPhones and other electronic gadgets.

Lincoln Road has enough indoor parking garages and streets lined up with metered parking. The busiest time at the Lincoln road is at the evening when cafes and restaurants set up sidewalk tables for the bridge and tunnel crowds. You can also watch cultural venues like dances and music performances.

5. Miccosukee Indian Village

This land is originally owned by the Miccosukee and the Seminole warring clans who settled here a long time ago. The Land faced some disputes, and the clans kept fighting because of the land. Nowadays you can visit the place because it is very peaceful and well preserved. This place is also good for boat riding and whenever you have to pay a visit here always remembers to carry a keepsake and make sure you enjoy an airboat riding.

Springtime is one of the best times to take your family out in Miami for a vacation. The above places are some few suggestions, but there are hundreds of things you can see in Miami you choose for yourself. If you are planning your vacation to Miami, remember to include the above places so that you can have fun with your family. Hire ca rental to move smoothly around Miami when visiting these places.

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