Pakistan and All it’s got To OfferTravel 

Pakistan and All it’s got To Offer

Most newspapers and news channels have been sending out wrong messages and giving wrong information about what Pakistan really looks like and all that’s within the country to offer. It’s important to understand that there’s more to Pakistan apart from the politics, terrorisms and other known problems associated. You probably might have read or heard people saying it’s a bit dangerous to take a trip to Pakistan, but you really shouldn’t conclude when you haven’t taken a bold step to check out things for yourself. This is why the article has been designed to help you with some selected places you may want to visit on your next trip to Pakistan. Likewise, sending a parcel out and out of Pakistan, you may need to get yourself up to date with the most affordable shipping company that is well versed in delivering parcels to Pakistan.

Lake Saif ul Malook

Just around the end of Kaghan valley towards the northern chamber, you’ll find the Saif ul Malook Lake. The mountains alone aren’t the reason why it’s such a beauty, but also the Lake’s reflection. A good time to see it all is during the summer period, so you might want to get your jeep ready to hit the road.


Out of the 14 tallest mountain peaks in the world, you can visit Pakistan to view four from Concordia. I feel that’s something you really should look up to.

Kalash Valley

The Kalasha tribe has found this Valley to be their safe haven. Most of them prefer to construct their houses on the hillsides with logs. The valley isn’t only known or famous for its beautiful nature, but also for its festivals, colorful lifestyle, and culture.

Hingol National park

The Hingol National park remains one of the largest parks in the country. The topographical features extend from cooler regions in the west with regular rainfall to the barren forests in the north. They are home to different animals and plants. This national park is known to support about 65 species of reptiles and amphibians,  35 species of mammals and almost 190 species of birds.

Wagah Border

The Wagah border lies between Amritsar in India, Pakistan, and Lahore. The border remains significant for its flag-lowering ceremony on a  daily basis, which is done before sunset by both countries. The visitors entertain themselves by watching the soldiers from both sides parading, lowering their flags with singing and chanting.

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