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Mistakes Peter Zieve Would Like Every Tourist to Avoid While Hitting New York

What is traveling? To many it means visiting new places which they have never seen in life, while to others, it means giving them a break from the monotonous life and refilling the blood cells with Oxygen. Peter Zieve, an avid traveler in all sense believes traveling is nothing but bringing oneself out of his or her own comfort zone and let no mistake be repeated every single time.

Often travelers think of taking a guide, which allows them to explore the city in the safest way. There are pros and cons of this particular decision. Being a traveler, if you’ve got a guide to show you the place, you can be rest assured to visit all the places that you need to- provided you pay him well. There is not risk of missing out on any of the tourist destinations and you can save some time for yourself as well. And the cons, once you have a guide, you get to see the place through his eyes. There is no way you can explore on your own, and what he finds worth visiting, you get to see the same.

However, what you can never deny is tourist guides prevent the travelers from committing some of the mistakes which otherwise they are ought to.

Mistakes Peter Zieve Asks Travelers Not To Make While Visiting New York In His Blogs

New York, like Seattle is a must in every checklist that the tourists make, since the place has the diversity of culture, fashion, trends and so many things. And since the place holds a history and enough news which hardly any American tourist destination bears, travelers are keener towards setting an itinerary which is too much tourist centric. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History, the Central Park, and Times Square have always been in the hit list. It seems, without visiting these places; a tour in New York remains incomplete. Also you can find travelers planning to see a Broadway show or two, visit the New York Public Library, take a round around the Rockefeller Center, find some brunch at Katz’s Delicatessen, visit the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty along with a round trip on the top of the Empire State Building.

What Peter Zieve doesn’t understand is what’s there in seeing these places? They are indeed great things and places, but that’s actually what the vendors want you to go. They have invested a lot on these places and your visit will help them earn their living.

So instead of just following their footsteps, plan something that will make your journey more rewarding, take it in the true spirit of Sports. Plan for an afternoon when you can walk around the neighborhood which will give you the feel of the real city understanding the culture and politics. You never know how eccentric this place is, sit at a roadside café at random which hardly makes its presence felt otherwise, and grab a coffee which might miss the right sugar composition. Know the city with your eyes and discover those places which others don’t. The real taste lies in venturing and not visiting at random.

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