Are you looking forward to having an experience of your life together with your family? In a beautiful and serene environment that is away from the noise of the town?  Then Ipoh town in Malaysian is the place to be. The city is between Kuala Lumpur and George Town. Its ideal location has made the city a key land transportation hub with well build roads and railways. Sultan Azlan Shah Airport has made it very easy for long distance tours to access the town by air. The city locates at…

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Mail Exchange Hotel The Iconic Landmark of Melbourne Restaurant 

Mail Exchange Hotel: The Iconic Landmark of Melbourne

Live like a royalty and have the pleasure of entering the world of luxury. With Mail Exchange Hotel to cater your every need, there is nothing more you could ask for. This hotel is the definition of elegance, grand, and deluxe. You have everything you need, and even more. Spend your days in and you’ll experience the greatest holiday of your life. They offer only the best of services that every person can only dream of. So escape your problems for a while and create happy memories with your family,…

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Restaurants in Bandra Restaurant 

Get a Taste of Goan Food at These Mumbai Restaurants

The vibes of Goa have never ceased to amaze us. From its beautiful sultry beaches to its fun and peppy nightlife, almost everyone is in love with this state. In addition to this, the native cuisine of Goa is also very popular and the taste of Goan food cannot be compared to any other cuisine. There are many authentic Goan restaurants in Bandra, Thane and Mahim areas. Mumbai houses several places where you can enjoy the authentic tastes of Goan food and here are some of the restaurants that you…

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