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Campervan Hire for the Budget Conscious: Helpful Tips

Are you finally planning your trip in a campervan hire? Road trips are a lot of fun and even more so when you have your bed along with you. It allows you to stay almost anywhere you want, as long as freedom camping is allowed.

Of course, if you’re a budget traveler, you’re going to want to prepare for your trip beforehand, so you can avoid overspending yet still get the most out of our trip in a campervan hire. The good news is that budget travel is more than possible when traveling around in a campervan.

If you want to get the most out of your trip, here are some of our tips for budget traveling in your campervan rental:

  • Look up RV rental companies that offer deals for those who are willing to relocated their campervans and motorhomes. There are many companies in the country that rent their vehicles for a dollar a day to encourage travelers to bring them back to the home base for them. This is ideal for you if you want to do a specific route on a road trip through the country. Much of the time, you are allowed time to stop and see places along the way. Look up options and find the one that best suits your plans and destination desires.
  • Plan ahead where you’ll be staying. There are some places where you can freedom camp in the country but you need to make sure that you pay close attention to where you can and cannot. The fines for freedom camping where it’s illegal are not cheap. Planning ahead also means that you can shop around for a cheaper campsite so you can avoid the pricey ones and spend less than $10.00 a day.
  • Pack plenty of food beforehand. While you may want to eat out every once in a while on your road trip, this is also a good way to overspend. Restaurants aren’t usually very cheap, especially here, so avoid breaking the bank and pack food that is easy to prepare in your campervan and save the dining out for special occasions or places that you really want to try.
  • Consider renting a campervan during off-season. When everyone else wants to travel is not going to be a good time to try to get out there. Consider renting a campervan when no one else is traveling. Holidays and summer are very busy times for rental companies, which means that the prices go up. During off-season, you can get really good deals on RV hires, as companies want to get them rented during a time where it’s hard to find travelers who want to rent a vehicle.
  • Walk when you can. You won’t always be able to stay close to the places that you want to visit but when you can, this will help you to avoid spending too much gas driving from one area to the next in a city. When you can walk to where you want to go, that’s better, as you will be able to save money that would be spent on gas. Plus, who doesn’t love a good walk? It’s the best way to really get to know a city and feel it’s vibe, so go ahead and enjoy a walk every now and then, instead of burning that fuel. After all, gas is probably one of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter on your trip.
  • Consider joining some type of travel or campervan club membership. While it may be a bit of an expense at first, many of these memberships actually allow you to get a lot out of them. From being able to save at campgrounds to learning tips on budget travelling from the pros in your club, it’s actually a good way to cut back on all the costs that end building up over the weeks or months that you’re traveling.

In Conclusion 

Are you preparing to travel throughout the country but want to make sure that you stay within your budget? It’s not as hard as you would think. The above tips will help you to cut back on spending too much and of course just practicing wise decisions when it comes to spending money on your trip will help you to get a lot out of your trip without you breaking the bank or going in debt for a trip around the country.

Do you have a campervan hire in mind? There are many options available in the country that offer great deals. Whether you relocate a campervan for a company or you rent in the off-season, travelling in a motorhome or a campervan doesn’t have to be something pricey that you have to be rich to do. It’s possible to travel around in a comfortable vehicle to the destinations that you want to see.

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