Great Mughals Marble Inlay Architecture Travel News 

Agra and the Great Mughals Marble Inlay Architecture

Agra is situated on the west bank of river Yamuna is about 22 kilometres from Delhi. The earliest mention of Agra is found in the Indian epic from Mahabharat as Agraban(Paradise) while another theory describes the city as Agragriha or one of the earliest homes of the Aryans. But historical evidences of Mughal Architecture having precious and indigenous art of Marble Inlay.It came into prominence when the Sikander Lodhi, a ruler of Afghan Dynasty decide to shift his capital from Delhi to Agra in 1501, in order t have a…

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How to Choose the Right Travel Destination Destinations 

Ron Ozer Provides Tips on How to Choose the Right Travel Destination

With so many travel spots located across the world; it often becomes quite difficult for the traveler to select the right destination. Even though time and budget no doubt plays an important part in the decision making process but with so many outstanding places in the world, it becomes very difficult to make the right decision. Ron Ozer, the portfolio manager with Citadel LLC offers tips on how to choose the right travel destination When choosing the right travel destination, we will need to focus on some of the important…

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