Have you only explored the world with your family, friends or lover and are you on a journey with yourself alone?Then it’s high time to book a trip!But what should you go to if you want to see and do something fun and at the same time still want home?

A little adventure is not a bad thing but a little bit of security either.You can of course go for a while, but in order to save you a bit of effort, we have already searched 7 destinations for you to have a great time and you can travel with public transport in the evening.

1. Verona (Italy)
Milan and Venice may have visited you, but there is still a lot more fun in the region, for example Verona.Located between the two aforementioned beautiful towns and close to Lake Garda you will enjoy the many flowers in one large lush garden.Besides enough shop options, there is the balcony of Julia (you know, from Romeo & Julia).Also visit Piazza delle Erbe: the open-air market in the city.

2. Edinburgh (Scotland)
Okay, it rains often (no less than 191 days a year) but we are not allowed to chase.Edinburgh is a beautiful city in Scotland that has a lot to offer.Be sure to visit Royal Mile (Old Town) and Princes Street (New Town), but take a look at one of the many art galleries.The best time to visit Edinburgh is August: then there is the monthly The Fringe Festival which brings a lot of festivities.

3. Vancouver (Canada)
Want to go a little further and to a place where they speak English?Then maybe Vancouver is something for you.Despite being a big city, there is also a lot of peace due to the many places full of greenery.The inhabitants of the city are very friendly and in addition, foodies can catch their heart.At Granville Island Public Market you can find local produce of the season, beer enthusiasts have to visit Granville Island Brewing and during the summer markets at Richmond, there is a wonderful Asian food to score.

4. Quepos (Costa Rica)
If you are in need of nice weather and a tropical location then Quepos in Costa Rica is the place for you to go.In addition to that, Costa Ricaans are very nice, there is a lot to see.From coffee plantations to volcanoes and hot water sources: you will find it all.A tour of the Manuel Antonio National Park can not be missed.It is one of the last ‘natural’ zoos in the world where many beautiful animals can be seen (including the kapucijnaap).

5. Dubrovnik (Croatia)
A warm destination that is closer to home is the beautiful Croatian city of Dubrovnik.In addition to the fact that scenes from Game of Thrones were recorded because of its beautiful buildings, like one of Europe’s oldest city walls, it also has beautiful museums.Ideal ways to see much of the city is to take a walk along the Adriatic Sea, go to the cable car or take a segway tour.

6. Bergen (Norway)
Everyone who loves Scandinavia, dreaming of seeing the Noorderlicht and actually visiting Iceland, should consider Bergen.It is Norway’s second largest city and the perfect location to browse solo and then travel to the fjords that are rich in the country.Do not miss Bryggen in Bergen: Unique buildings in the city protected by UNESCO.Near Bryggen you can find the fish market where you can eat something at one of the many stalls.

7. Santiago (Chile)
This city is also described as one of the safest and largest in South America.In the lively city there is a lot to do and many attactions are within walking distance.In the center there are countless music buildings, churches and museums (like the Museo Nacional Bellas Artes).Slightly further away, preferably by subway, the Cerro San¬†Cristobal is the city’s largest park.Also, go to Terraza Bellavista where you have a beautiful view of the city and the mountains around it.

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