Top 10 Moroccan cities to visitTravel 

Top 10 Moroccan cities to visit

TripAdvisor recently made a top ten of cities to visit in Morocco. For those who are still unsure, the list is very useful.

Based on data recently announced by the World Data Bank, Morocco annually attracts more than 10 million tourists. The tourism sector, which today plays a crucial role in the Moroccan economy, will only show more growth, according to Minister of Tourism, Lahcen Haddad. Haddad expects Morocco to be one of the 20 most favorite holiday destinations in 2020.

Reviewsite TripAdvisor, among other things known for hotel and holiday reviews, gave an overview of the 10 best-performing Moroccan cities. In the list we see cities that do not know many but are worthwhile.

El Jadida
This city borders the Atlantic Ocean and has major Portuguese influences because it was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Much of that history has been preserved to date. An important example of this is the Catholic Church. The number of visitors is peaked especially during the summer by beach visits and bookings in nearby 5-star resorts.

A city that is famous worldwide by the film studios. In addition to cinema, there is much more to experience in the southern part of town. Think about camel rides or even a magical night in the desert.Merzouga
On the edge of the Sahara and the border with Algeria, Merzouga is also the ideal destination for desert lovers. For the more experienced and sporty adventurers, there are various possibilities for mountain biking, climbing rocks or tearing a 4×4 terrain through the desert.

The city we know as Dutch Moroccans as the capital and the tombs of late kings Hassan II and Mohammed V. The city also has other hotspots. Think of the beach of Rabat, the various kasbahs and the nearby gardens of Bouknadel on the road to Salé.

The city whose coastline has experienced a lot of innovation in recent years is an absolute attraction for young people. With the various hip beach clubs, exclusive beaches and swimming pools, it is one of the favorite starting destinations for young adults visiting their country during their vacation. Also for classic Morocco you are at the right place. With the various souks, bazaars, the medina and Kasbah’s, you have to grab the authentic Moroccan atmosphere.

One of the most favorite destinations among Europeans is found in southwestern Morocco. Agadir is usually calm and relaxt and you can also enjoy it in winter months. Beach visits, historical sights and culinary delights are the most important things you can visit here as a tourist.

A long-term notion that everyone is aware: the oldest university in the world is in Morocco, Fes to be precise. A city characterized by its rich historical canyons, some of which are listed on UNESCO’s world heritage site. The medina is one of the city’s biggest hotspots, but for shopping at the most expensive brands, you can visit Fes in the Al Borj shopping center.

On a bus journey from Marrakech, you will find yourself in Essaouira, in the midst of an exotic seaside resort. Especially with surfers in Essaouira, you can go for walks through the maze-like streets, visits to the harbor and walks along the quiet beach.

Casablanca is the economic center of Morocco and is characterized by the many white houses. The place you should definitely visit is of course the immense Hassan II mosque, located on the coast.

Last but not least and according to TripAdvisor the absolute number 1: Marrakech. Also called the ‘Red City’. Marrakech is a historic city with countless streets and alleys in the souks and the medina. Even the nightlife is gaining popularity. Marrakech is the city where many celebrities spend their holidays and some even have their own address. Do you like classic Morocco, but you also want to resort occasionally in the ‘Europe of Marrakech’, then this city should be high on your list.

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