Pastel colors have been completely on trend for years and this season it is no different.Soft pink, lilac, mint and light blue are colors that make you immediately happy.Combine these fine colors with a beautiful location and your holiday destination has been chosen directly.Take care of your data base, what these 5 locations are super Instagramworthy!

Santorini, Greece
An Instagram favorite of many fashion girls and Instagirl.Not for nothing is the Greek island known as the “supermodel among the Greek islands”.The characteristic white sugarblock-like houses immediately set off against the bright blue sea and white beaches.The island has been the most fashionable people for years.It is known that designer Gianni Versace would like to stay on the island.

Alicante, Spain
One of the most famous pastel buildings must be the La Muralla Roja in Calpe, Alicante.La Muralla Roja translates directly into the red wall and a geometric apartment block was built in 1972 by architect Ricardo Bofill.On the roof you have a beautiful view over the blue sea, but also across all the walls and stairs painted in blue, purple, pink and red pastels.

ape Town, South Africa
On the slopes of Signal Hill you will find the historic district of Cape Town.The houses are built next to each other without space in between and because each house is painted in a different color, the street has a lot of road to Lego blocks.

Curaçao has 750 pastel-colored buildings and is therefore quite instagram-worth mentioning.The buildings date back to the nineteenth century.The story goes that Governor General Albert Kikkert had a huge burden of migraines, which led him to paint all the inhabitants of their homes in a color.The reflective sunlight on the white buildings would be quite a burden for him.

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