Park City’s best tourist destination in the world

The region is praised for the transition from industry to tourism L1

The South Limburg region of Parkstad has been declared the best tourist destination in the world at an international conference. Park City was chosen above Swiss National Parks and Cape Town in South Africa.

The price went to Parkstad because the region has developed successfully from industrial area to tourist region. The former mining area became increasingly tourism from the 1970s. The region includes Snowworld, GaiaZoo and Mondo Verde.

The winner was announced at the WTCC Conference in Dallas, the largest convention in the tourism industry. There were 157 regions reported.

Park city on world map

Deputy Geurts let 1Limburg know that he is especially pleased with the  appreciation for the region . “I’m from this region, I know how difficult the region has had. The region is now on the world map.”

Also Niewierra’s director of VVV Zuid-Limburg is excited. “Now the journalists are going to come, they’re talking internationally. We’re on the covers of travel magazines. Is not that great?”

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