Are you looking forward to having an experience of your life together with your family? In a beautiful and serene environment that is away from the noise of the town?  Then Ipoh town in Malaysian is the place to be. The city is between Kuala Lumpur and George Town. Its ideal location has made the city a key land transportation hub with well build roads and railways. Sultan Azlan Shah Airport has made it very easy for long distance tours to access the town by air. The city locates at the heart of Kinta valley, on the shore of Kinta river giving it a shimmering look and feel. It’s also encircled by limestone hills making it look more attractive to watch. The town is a famous tourist center due to its conservation of colonial-era architecture build by the British. The fantastic cuisine and caves that hosted Buddhist temples have made it become the center of attraction.

Hotels situated in Ipoh city are just the best of the best. Besides, the city has maintained its reputation as one of the cleanest cities in the world. This revelation should be a plus sign for you since you don’t have to be worried about contracting air or waterborne diseases during your stay there. Let’s have a look at the paramount family hotel in Ipoh town. Regalodge hotel has its rooms well refurbished, spacious and cleaned making them very comfortable. Also, the hospitality there is impressive and visitors can access food with ease since several restaurants surround the hotel. The Haven resort hotel has a heavenly experience due to its scenic mountain and lake view. Mu hotel is close to entertainment, historical monuments and cultural centers making it perfect for families visit. M roof hotel and residence offers the most elegant rooms with flat screen tv installed for entertainment. Kids will engross to the tv for movies and video games. Lost world hotel is breathtaking. It has world theme park, hot springs, flying fox and free kayak for adventurous families. Weil hotel is beautifully designed, has a lounge where breakfast is served, the staff is amicable and polite, the food is mouthwatering and the rooms are stylish. Ipoh French hotel has well-maintained room and a stable Wi-Fi.  Its located away from town hence peaceful at night.

If there are posh hotels to visit, you will find them in Ipoh town. Visit and have a life-changing experience in any of the above hotels and I assure you never to regret your decision. The prices are standard, good hospitality and you will have all you need under one roof. The food is delicious and the experience is one of a kind.

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