Duke Jan rises in list of best restaurants in the worldFood 

Duke Jan rises in list of best restaurants in the world, The Jane falls

The Belgian three-star restaurant of Chef Gert De Mangeleer, Duke Jan, rises twelve places in the list of best restaurants in the world. The Jane of Sergio Herman and Nick Bril then drop twenty places.

The restaurant of chef Gert De Mangeleer is ranked 61 in the ranking of World’s 50 Best Restaurants . Last year, it had to be satisfied with location 73. The three-star restaurant is steadily rising to the “world ranking” that the magazine Restaurant creates each year. The best fifty will be released next week, yesterday the numbers 100 to 51 became known.

The Jane of Sergio Herman falls from place 54 to 74. Peter Goossens’s Court of Cleve last year was 53, but is now not in the names of 100 to 51. This suggests that Peter Goossens again dives into the top fifty. The Italian restaurant Osteria Francescana was declared the best in the world last year.

However, other prizes were awarded. For example, well-known British boss Heston Blumenthal received a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Slovenian Ana Roš was named World’s Best Female Chef.

Criticism on rankings

Although the awards worldwide find a lot of sound and are a gourmet gauge that is no longer required for the Michelin star award, it also annually criticizes the ‘ The World’s Best Restaurants ‘ rating.

In 2015, some petitioners even launched a petition that openly asked the voting system. For example, the contest sponsored by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, according to the critics, would be chauvinistic and especially self-sustaining. Moreover, the fact that there is a separate category for Best Female Chef is being seen by many women in the industry as sexist.

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