Major Attractions and adventures in San Diego Destinations 

Major Attractions and adventures in San Diego

This southernmost city is California, famous for its sunny clear beaches, is packed with all kinds of tourists’ tastes right from what a kid likes to what a senior citizen might want to do. It is one of the largest cities in the California and so one can expect a plenty of options to spend days and weeks here. Talking about the major attractions and water adventures in San Diego, they range from the zoo to the historic sites in downtown and from beaches to museums. Nevertheless, the amusement parks…

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event space in Kuala Lampur best for organising events. Destinations 

Plan Events At Kuala Lampur And Make Them Memorable

Kuala Lampur is a very beautiful city and the capital of Malaysia.  With the PETRONAS towers dominating the skyline, the views of Kuala lampur are simply breath taking. The presence of a number of amusement parks like the Genting highland s and the Sunway Lagoon theme park, and other beautiful tourist attractions like the lake gardens, Kuala Lampur Butterfly Park, host of museums and temples and a tour of the rain forests, makes Kuala Lampur a perfect place to spend a holiday with family and friends.  You can plan your…

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How to Choose the Right Travel Destination Destinations 

Ron Ozer Provides Tips on How to Choose the Right Travel Destination

With so many travel spots located across the world; it often becomes quite difficult for the traveler to select the right destination. Even though time and budget no doubt plays an important part in the decision making process but with so many outstanding places in the world, it becomes very difficult to make the right decision. Ron Ozer, the portfolio manager with Citadel LLC offers tips on how to choose the right travel destination When choosing the right travel destination, we will need to focus on some of the important…

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Pick from the Top 5 Night Markets around the Globe Destinations 

Keep the Night Rolling! Pick from the Top 5 Night Markets around the Globe!

If given a choice between a mall and a night market, a true shopping enthusiast would choose the latter part. Choosing local food instead of food courts, handmade knits instead of multinational clothing chains, messed up narrow roads filled with smells and smiles instead of hygienic hallways is a much more fun way of exploring a market. Read on to know about the top night markets around the world and how they manage to keep the crowd coming back for something more. Canada: International Summer Night Market Richmond in British…

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Pastel colors have been completely on trend for years and this season it is no different.Soft pink, lilac, mint and light blue are colors that make you immediately happy.Combine these fine colors with a beautiful location and your holiday destination has been chosen directly.Take care of your data base, what these 5 locations are super Instagramworthy! Santorini, Greece An Instagram favorite of many fashion girls and Instagirl.Not for nothing is the Greek island known as the “supermodel among the Greek islands”.The characteristic white sugarblock-like houses immediately set off against the…

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Have you only explored the world with your family, friends or lover and are you on a journey with yourself alone?Then it’s high time to book a trip!But what should you go to if you want to see and do something fun and at the same time still want home? A little adventure is not a bad thing but a little bit of security either.You can of course go for a while, but in order to save you a bit of effort, we have already searched 7 destinations for you…

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Good destination for tourist for having fun Destinations 

Good destination for tourist for having fun

Parkstad Limburg won the world’s most important tourist award at the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in Dallas on April 8th. Park City defeated the Swiss National Parks and Cape Town. The jury praised the region for the development of industrial area to tourist destination; the transition from ‘black to green’ Kelly Regterschot, Portfolio Manager Tourism City Park City Park: “We are very proud of this World Tournament Prize. This is a recognition for all the work we have done with our partners in recent years to put Parkstad as a tourist destination…

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Park City’s best tourist destination in the world

The region is praised for the transition from industry to tourism L1 The South Limburg region of Parkstad has been declared the best tourist destination in the world at an international conference. Park City was chosen above Swiss National Parks and Cape Town in South Africa. The price went to Parkstad because the region has developed successfully from industrial area to tourist region. The former mining area became increasingly tourism from the 1970s. The region includes Snowworld, GaiaZoo and Mondo Verde. The winner was announced at the WTCC Conference in Dallas, the largest convention…

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Parkstad has been voted the best tourist destination in the world. Destinations 

Parkstad has been voted the best tourist destination in the world.

The South Limburg region received the award at the WTTC conference in Dallas, the largest convention in the tourism industry. Mining  Parkstad won the award because of the successful transition from industrial area to tourist region. The former mining area decided in the nineties to focus on tourism. With Snowworld, Mondo Verde, Gaia Park and Museumboulevard, Parkstad has changed my pastors for a future in the tourist area. Park City was chosen above the Swiss National Parks and South African Cape Town. There were 157 regions reported as candidates for the main tourist prize….

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