Planning a Road Trip from Auckland Travel 

Planning a Road Trip from Auckland

Auckland is one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand. It’s a gorgeous metropolis that is home to some of the most influential businesses in the country. Many people who plan on taking a road trip through New Zealand often start their trips from Auckland. There are a host of different car rental companies spread across Auckland that you can check out if you want to rent a camper van for your travels. There are a few important things that you should keep in mind when planning your road…

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Pick from the Top 5 Night Markets around the Globe Destinations 

Keep the Night Rolling! Pick from the Top 5 Night Markets around the Globe!

If given a choice between a mall and a night market, a true shopping enthusiast would choose the latter part. Choosing local food instead of food courts, handmade knits instead of multinational clothing chains, messed up narrow roads filled with smells and smiles instead of hygienic hallways is a much more fun way of exploring a market. Read on to know about the top night markets around the world and how they manage to keep the crowd coming back for something more. Canada: International Summer Night Market Richmond in British…

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Things you must see in Holland Travel 

Things you must see in Holland

For years, Reishonger brings the most beautiful worldwide travel destinations in word and image to her Dutch and Belgian visitors, readers and followers. We are now turning the roles: what do you write foreign websites and blogs, travel books and tourists about our beautiful country, and in particular: what is the Top 10 of attractions in the Netherlands you should have visited! What do foreign tourists come to our beautiful country? An overview of the top 10 attractions for tourists in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 1. Amsterdam By far the majority…

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Vancouver Best North American City for International Meetings Travel 

Vancouver: Best North American City for International Meetings

Surveys from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and the Watkins Research Group have shown that planners call Vancouver as one of the best meeting destinations in the world. Vancouver is one of the most popular destinations for international meetings in North America, according to two major reports that have recently appeared. In the same week that the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Vancouver scored as the top city in North America for international meetings, it emerged from the prestigious Meeting and Convention Planners Survey of the Watkins Research…

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find the best food for a good health Food 

find the best food for a good health

Every year, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy lists the best restaurants in the world. Gourmets all over the world are being led by just one mission. Which restaurant may be one of the best in the world. In this culinary list there is room for two Dutch restaurants. The Amber restaurant in Hong Kong, the chef Richard Ekkebus and the Librije of Jonnie de Boer. Start your culinary bucket list today with the top 10 restaurants in the world. 1.Asador Etxebarri (Spain) Deep in the Atxondo valley in Spain, at the foot…

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Good food of these Restaurant Food 

Good food of these Restaurant

HOLLAND’S GLORY The Dutch bosses are doing well again this year. Jonnie Boers Librije in Zwolle remained in place 38 last year but finishes this year in a well-deserved 34th place in the renowned list. Richard Ekkebus, the Dutch chef of Amber Restaurant in Hong Kong, finishes this year at spot 24, making four places at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. NUMBERS 51-100 Two weeks ago the numbers 51 to 100 were already known. It was striking when Sergio Herman dropped with The Jane in Antwerp from place 54 to place 74 and…

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Pastel colors have been completely on trend for years and this season it is no different.Soft pink, lilac, mint and light blue are colors that make you immediately happy.Combine these fine colors with a beautiful location and your holiday destination has been chosen directly.Take care of your data base, what these 5 locations are super Instagramworthy! Santorini, Greece An Instagram favorite of many fashion girls and Instagirl.Not for nothing is the Greek island known as the “supermodel among the Greek islands”.The characteristic white sugarblock-like houses immediately set off against the…

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most beautiful destinations in Thailand according to tourists Travel 

10 most beautiful destinations in Thailand according to tourists

A few years ago tourists on the popular travel website Tripadvisor have named the 10 most beautiful destinations in Thailand  . Should this survey be held now, I do not expect a lot of shifts, hence the 10 most beautiful destinations according to travelers. The 10 most beautiful destinations in Thailand are: Chiang Mai Koh Phi Phi Don Koh Tao Koh Phangan Bangkok Krabi Pattaya Phuket Hua Hin Koh Samui 1. Chiang Mai Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is a city where you can taste the atmosphere of authentic Thailand. The inhabitants…

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Family Travel the 14 best family-friendly holiday destinations Family 

Family Travel: the 14 best family-friendly holiday destinations

Need inspiration to plan a trip with your family? Get rid of it by choosing one of these family trips that will make everyone crazy Choosing a holiday destination that meets all the requirements of the different generations in your family while watching the cots can be difficult. It does not matter if your children are just sensible or at the height of their puberty, family trips to these holiday destinations will be in taste because they seem to be tailor made to meet everyone’s wishes. Do you need some encouragement? Take a…

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family vacations best summer vacation destinations Family 

family vacations: best summer vacation destinations

The school holiday is on the doorstep and it can be fun for the children for six weeks, but also a decent challenge for parents who have to keep their kids busy. Skyscanner has  tips for a summer vacation that makes the whole family happy. Where to go on a family holiday in Spain? Tenerife is an ideal and versatile destination for the le familwhoy. On the island is the highest mountain of Spain, where you can walk up or by cable car. There are countless child-friendly beaches, restaurants and…

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