Parkstad has been voted the best tourist destination in the world. Destinations 

Parkstad has been voted the best tourist destination in the world.

The South Limburg region received the award at the WTTC conference in Dallas, the largest convention in the tourism industry. Mining  Parkstad won the award because of the successful transition from industrial area to tourist region. The former mining area decided in the nineties to focus on tourism. With Snowworld, Mondo Verde, Gaia Park and Museumboulevard, Parkstad has changed my pastors for a future in the tourist area. Park City was chosen above the Swiss National Parks and South African Cape Town. There were 157 regions reported as candidates for the main tourist prize….

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International tourism awards Travel 

International tourism awards for ANVR and Parkstad

Two Dutch parties and “Tourism for Tomorrrow Award” have won at the international WTTC conference in Dallas. Parkstad in Limburg won the ‘destination award’; The ANVR received appreciation for the carbon footprint for holidays. An example of a progressive all-season company is Snowworld in Landgraaf Parkstad Limburg; Phenix from the ashes Particularly the structural, complete approach that resulted in a successful development of a “black to green” area in a short period of time was honored by the jury. From the jury report: “By the end of the 20th century, the municipality of Parkstad,…

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