Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Is a Gift

Gifts or grants or gifts is a gift of money , goods , services etc are done without any compensation as it did back in trade , although it is possible gift givers expect any returns, or in the form of reputation (prestige) or power. In human relationships, gift exchange action role in increasing social closeness.

The term gift can also be developed to explain what makes the other person feel happier or reduced sorrow, especially as a favor, including forgiveness (although others were given was not good).

Purpose of gift-giving, among others:

  • Expressions of love or friendship
  • Expressions of gratitude for gifts received before
  • Compassion, in the form of charity
  • Statement of togetherness, in the form of mutual aid
  • Dividing property owned
  • Helping the overwritten misfortune
  • Give souvenirs trip
  • Habit, the state (usually celebrations) things like
  • Birthdays (people who celebrate his birthday gives cakes etc and / or receive a gift)
  • Potlatch , a society in which a person staus associated with gift-giving rather than what he has.
  • Christmas (people give each other gifts, sometimes regarded as a gift from Santa Claus)
  • Saint Nicholas (people give each other gifts, sometimes regarded as a gift from Saint Nicholas )
  • Marriage (married couple receives gifts and gives food and / or drinks at the wedding reception.
  • Funeral (visitors bring flowers, relatives of the deceased to give food and / or drinks during the ceremony)
  • Births ( babies born accept gift)
  • Pass the exam ( students who pass receive a prize)
  • Father's Day (Father received the gift)
  • Mother's Day (Mother received a gift)
  • The exchange of gifts between the guest and host, often as part of traditional culture